~ sadly happiness ~


where  will you be,happiness ?

inside my universe

where do i have to search

to still refind you ?

two eyes are wispering

follow the green sun

wake your spirit up to see

and hear the shadow’s voice

among the tears..

where do i find you, smile

in my melancholy und galaxy?

zachar rise

~cross  the universe, you said

take right among the milky way

transcend those three black howls

and when that blue star will fall

drive purple on the sky-way

among the dust of magic dreams

you’ll see the planets ambush

cross them by, don’t fall with them

they are still rocks hanged like the shells

among the sea, over the sand,

are rocks as blind and people heads..


cross over it and pass the sky

you will go there in yellow sky

where blue will  be the smoke you’ll breath


and purple seas will have red sands

and green will be the stars on sky

as open eyes who allways smile


go there, in the next life

the galaxy in velvet blue

still waits for you

go there and find the rain

how sparkle orange pearls will fall

who magic tears will create

in your hands, in stars becomed


happiness  by glen hansard& Marketa Irglova


sadly happiness

you’ll be

all over there, blue galaxy

or here, in this witty earth

you’ll still be sad, you’ll still be free

with missing part about your dream

who can’t beat fast, who can’t complete

the destiny in eyes of Ra,

only by Osiris‘s Kha

you will be blind crossing your way

accept it you,  Oedip in me,

accept myself inside you-dip

and sadless wings you will receive

to fly this universe this time

to go to end and there to life.

arvind kolapkar

arvind kolapkar


Take that, the missing sun

and two green stars from yellow sky

and try to live till you’ll find me

to going home, last tree to see

last universe to dream

the last of all

the  last of white of the black howls


you, soul will be and love will drive

to there in less and empty spaces,

white velvets who waits you to

create them colours, create them true





only in there you will be free

to paint with love in sadly oils

your soul, your feather’s smile

to write your life from the last one

with words of velvet blue from galaxies

on silky earth in ink of milky way.

hossein zare

you will find there

this sadly hapiness of life

in which to watch like in the sea

your eyes in glass

the honest mirror

who doesn’t mix the right und left

you’ll see yourself

just like you are

a smile siddhartha, yellow scarf

an orange river of silk dreams

among your body soul

will creep…

you will become

( cluj, la mansarda, 04.36, 13/03/2013, mercredi du matin)




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