13 rituals..

thirteen number of faith and luck     psi-13

thirteen, me in other’s name

thirteen, empty space in universe

the single road for finding us

and two black cats to cross

those two chess games

i still play

for the road of my life

thirteen crocks of blue glass

guarded by the triangle

totem for the future me

with 13 memories in it

forgoten masks, forgoten lives

but same two eyes of mine

smarald sad in a blue sea

empty courage with a smile

thirteen days for missin earth

to could be live in stars again

13 hours of tomorrow

one in plus for the each day

thirteen glasses for the wine

that white blood who pass through me

to reheat and to re-heal

the smal heart who’s full of fear

13 minutes to run fast

in your time to put a stop

and to leave that  sad apart

you to rise from ways behind

lucky13  g

13 seconds in your eyes

to see smiles to captures stars

13 spring ideas time

polish them to reach alive

13 words to spell those hands

magic joy to reach your heart

to type shut down to fears all,

for reconecting with your soul

and 13 feelings and emotions

to swallow dive deep waters

transcending universes by holes black

jumping stars at your  bike spokes

wake up and ride that life again!

~riders on the storm~ the doors

cu multumiri celor din  orasul gandurilor


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